Nutrition Checklist: Product Information Needed for Nutrition Analysis

Size of container(s)

  • Net weight (in ounces or grams, where 1 oz = 28.35g)
  • Volume of the product in the container (in fluid oz or cups, where 8 fluid oz = 1 cup)

(please note that 8 fluid oz does not always weigh 8 oz; weight and volume are separate)

Complete list of ingredients in recipe or formulation.

  • Include as much descriptive information as possible (i.e., specify type of oil used, not just “vegetable oil”)
  • If a choice of ingredients is given (i.e., “fresh or canned tomatoes”), identify the item most likely to be used.
  • Include recipe instructions if the process will alter the ingredients (i.e., cooking, marinating, etc.).
  • Does any component of the recipe or product have added salt, sugar or other ingredients that could effect the analysis?
  • If an ingredient is a purchased product from another source (such as flavorings or seasonings), provide a resource for nutritionals on those items.

    Amounts of ingredients in recipe

  • For beans, grains, pasta and rice, give the amount of the raw or as purchased (“A.P.”) item as well as the cooked yield (i.e., 1 cup raw brown rice = 2.5 cups cooked rice).
  • Provide measurements in both volume (household measures) and weight.

    List the total yield, serving size and number of servings for the recipe

  • If the product will be packaged or bottled, provide the size of the container (how many fluid ounces or cups will it hold?).
  • The serving size described on the Nutrition Facts Label for packaged food is regulated by the FDA and will be provided if you do not have it.
  • State how many servings the recipe yields.

    Additional information needed for Nutrition Facts label

  • Provide the dimensions of the proposed product label so that the most appropriate Nutrition Facts Label size and format can be developed.
  • State details if you plan to market several sizes of the product (i.e., a small box with 2 chocolates and a larger one with 6).

    Nutrition claims

  • Do you intend to market any nutrition claims about the product (such as “low fat” or “low sodium”)?

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